UV (High Gloss) Posters

Quick Review:

Hope your posters turn heads? UV (High Gloss) Posters perfectly highlight your design features and make your posters stand out. The UV coating applied creates a very high shine finish and high clarity that is needed for image-rich and photographic projects. Our products are made of premium 100lb gloss paper and can resist water, abrasion, scratches, and ink smudging. 


Possible Applications

  • Indoor and Outdoor Signage 

  • Sales Promotions 

  • Event Promotions 

  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions 

  • Wall Arts and Decoration 

Size Options (W x H): 11” x 17” | 13” x 19” | 17” x 11” | 18” x 24” | 19” x 13” | 19” x 27” | 24” x 18” | 24” x 36”| 27” x 19” | 36” x 24” 

Paper Options: 100lb Gloss Paper 

Printed Side Options: 

  • Full-color One-sided 

  • Full-color Both Sides 

Coating Options: Gloss UV Both Sides 

Turnaround Time (Production Time Only): 3-5 Business Days 

Shipping Options:

  • We offer shipping for Canada and most states of the U.S. 

  • Free pick-up option is available from our location (Richmond Hill)

Order by Choosing from the Following Options:

  • Upload your own design files (please see our artwork guidelines)

  • Use our free online design tool (begin by choosing one of our design templates) 

  • Let us design for you (hire our graphic designers to design for you at an affordable price) 

11" x 17"1C$ 1.00
13" x 19"1C$ 1.00
17" x 11"1C$ 1.00
18" x 24"1C$ 1.00
19" x 13"1C$ 1.00
19" x 27"1C$ 1.00
24" x 18"1C$ 1.00
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